Editing a PHP file with VIM
The modern SSH and Telnet terminal client for Windows 8 and Win-RT on Intel and ARM platforms.
Now available in the SSH-RT in the Windows Store

  • Connect to remote host using the SSH and Telnet protocols.
  • The feature rich Terminal Emulator is capable of interacting with a wide variety of systems, shells, and apps.
  • Connection Manager lets you save, group, and import/export your favorite sessions.
  • Switch between multiple connections in a tab-like interface.

Runner Engine

The engine has recently been ported to Win-RT, and is up and running on a Surface Tablet.
Runner Engine on WP7, tuned for 30fps on 1st gen devices.
Originally created in XNA for first-gen WP7 (Windows Phone) hardware, single core and no custom shader support, dynamic shadows and reflections where done with brute force and old school tricks. With additional CPU cores to work with and custom shaders to exploit, I'm hoping to achieve something cinematic.

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