[Release 14]
  • Windows 8.1 support (new view modes)
  • Added fixed font size (dynamic columns) in addition to fixed columns
  • Added scaling options to Settings->Terminal
  • Cursor now indicates if the terminal has focus
  • Emulation improvements: Added support for Inverse characters and fixes to Reverse Index

[Release 13]
  • Alt+key and F10 now work as expected.
  • Improvements to nCurses and Xterm compatibility.

[Release 12]
  • Key Mapping:
  • - Improved default key configurations for VT100 and ANSI terminals
  • - Added Settings->KeyMap to change common key mappings (more to come)
  • - CTRL-V local paste disabled by default (change in Setting->KeyMap)
  • Telenet: Improved Terminal type negotiation and Window Size event handling
  • Added support for Mathematical,Technical,and Geometric unicode character sets (APL)
  • Network optimizations
  • GUI: Changing Session Type updates standard Port #

[Release 11]
  • IMPROVED: Private key dialog to load, view, and validate private keys
  • IMPROVED: Help (in settings) now includes FAQs and a Feedback form
  • FIXED: clone session now works when using private key authentication
  • FIXED: crash on connection closed
  • FIXED: aes-128-cbc encrypted keys
  • FIXED: AltGr support for European keyboards

[Release 10]
  • General GUI improvements and bug fixes
  • Improved Touch (onscreen) keyboard usage:
  • - touching the terminal will invoke the keyboard if no physical present
  • - better resizing and dialog position when Touch (onscreen) keyboard is visible
  • Improved small font rendering

[Release 9]
  • Added Copy/Paste functionality directly in the terminal window
  • - Mouse Copy: click and drag to select and copy (Putty style)
  • - Touch Copy: hold and drag to select and copy
  • - Paste: CTRL-V or AppBar command
  • Improvements to snapping,resizing, and orientation changes

[Release 7]
  • Added support for all Windows International keyboards (UTF8 encoding)
  • Added 2000 additional Unicode font characters for Eastern Languages (including Japanese)
  • Added scroll position indicator (scroll bar) when navigating into the back buffer
  • Improvements to snap modes – Window 8.0 small snap mode (320px) now gets super-sampled
  • Various bug fixes

[Release 6]
  • Added mouse wheel support for buffer scrolling
  • Improved snapped mode support and orientation changes
  • Fixed Comma “,” key mapping
  • Dialog boxes now get focus automatically

[Release 5] - June 10, 2013
  • Import/Export Saved Connections
  • Copy, Paste, and Save buffer improvements
  • Smooth Scrolling of the back buffer (sub-pixel instead of per-line)
  • Improved portrait mode scaling
  • Various bug fixes

[Release 3]
  • Added UTF-8 / Unicode support for over 1500 characters for Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Arabic, Lao, Georgian, and Symbols character sets
  • Improved screen re-sizing and rotation handling.
  • The terminal now dynamically re-sizes to best fill the screen on orientation changes and split screen modes
  • Improved the readability of very small text modes
  • Fixed a crash bug related to rotation before a session is started
  • Improved general Terminal Emulation
  • Improved compatibility with ZSH (Z-Shell) and VIM
  • Various bug fixes.

[Release 2] - April 17, 2013
  • Keyboard-Interactive authentication added
  • Fixes to Private Key authentication
  • Better support for x-term emulation
  • Fixes to issues with ZSH (Z-Shell)
  • Enter Key submits most dialog boxes, bypassing the OK button
  • Various other UI fixes